Hugh LeDuc            


Story by Tiberiu Boia
He is the producer of this digital magazine. He started working comics 25 years ago. He likes digital art, as well. He is involved in many web projects and is the one who is developing this website.

He did all the work for "0311 - There Are No Secrets" and art for Michael White's novel "In Search Of A Vision". He wrote the script for "Hugh LeDuc" and "H-ville" and had a significant artistic contribution in developing of these stories.

Penciler and inker Alessia Zuccarello
is a freelance illustrator and comic artist (aka "Owlet Studio"), with a degree in graphic and photography. She has been writing and drawing her own comics since her childhood, mixing up traditional and digital medias as she was able to afford her very first Wacom tablet. Always open to experimentation, her main sources of inspiration are dreams and music.

She draws "H-Ville" and she is collaborating with two young Italian writers as a graphic-novelist.

Penciler Florin Gradinaru
He started to paint at an early age. He first used paper as a support for his art. But later he came in the digital world. Now he likes doing creative works and he also draws digital pictures.

"Hugh LeDuc - First steps" was penciled and inked by him. He has other projects for developing, too.

Writer Michael White
has a Future Fiction novel available on Amazon, In Search of a Vision. He also has over 50 short stories and articles published. Previously he wrote freelance automotive articles for a number of small, speciality magazines. Over 30 years of writing experience. He is also listed in the Stanford Who's Who

"In Search Of A Vision" is based by Michael's novel.

The events in "Hugh LeDuc" story occur during Dark Age, somewhere in Europe.

The events in "H-ville" story occur nourdays, and they explain the restless life of the students.

The events in "0311" occur in the year 2045, in Sahara Desert.

The events in "In Search Of A Vision" occur 500 years in the future after a planetary disaster.