Hugh LeDuc            


Hugh LeDuc
Is the first born of Gland and Nina. He was born in cave into the mountains, during a fight against of an agresive bear. He will grow and get education in a latin school managed by catholic monks. At the age 15 he needs to get his own life and go searching for his fortune all around the World.

Is the mother of Hugh. She was a princess in South Danube area. She married Glad when she was 17 years old. She is a beautiful woman.

Is Hugh's father. He used to be the ruller of a settlement on Danube's riverside. Because of the flow he took his family into the mountains to protect them by the big water. After this, he meet a lot of problems.

She is a scientist. She is working for AINT and she has a main duty making a map of the city surroundings and trying to save as much land she can from the desert's claws. Keiko is one of the main characters in 0311 story.

Jack Jones
He is a pilot. He brings water in the city and that is why he has a lot of connections. It seems that Jack is a friend of Keiko but... you'll never know. Follow the story and you'l find the truth.

Julia Nowak
Is the best friend of Keiko. She has Polish origins but lives and works in New Tokio. Let's see what happens in 0311

Maximilian's daughter
She doesn't have a name yet. She is the daughter of the ruler of the city. Maximilian is Hugh's good father as well.

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